I am fascinated by the ways that the media and interactive technologies are woven into the human experience. We spend huge portions of our lives immersed in false realities such as cinema, television, websites, social media, and video games. Images flash before us, mingling with personal memories and emotions, and influencing our state of mind.

Like one of my major influences, Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy, I use photography to show the viewer images of things that are ubiquitous to most everyone from a point of view that obscures the identity of the subject or puts it in a new context. By capturing a fleeting moment in one of today’s technologies from a new perspective, I am able to highlight the way frightening ideas can be presented in beautiful packages. By observing a historical subject through contemporary photographic techniques (digital photography; iPhone cameras and apps), I am able to twist the subject into something almost unimaginable and even fictional in today’s world, echoing in a sense how we witness, stage and present false realities. Through my body of work in both digital and film photography, I grapple with the technologies that bring modern media’s images to us, and how they affect us.